The dazzling line up of speakers and workshop facilitators for our upcoming camp season

Yoga Teacher and Breathwork Facilitator; Lisa’s passion is holding space for community healing. Through her own personal journey with healing and energy work, Lisa has found Breathwork to be an indispensable tool for accessing the emotional and energetic blocks that hold us back in life. She is honored to be able to share this gift with others; to help unlock the freedom and awareness that is available through this work.

Joanna Sprtel Walters is a 1994 graduate of the US Naval Academy. She was a Division I swimmer for Navy. Upon graduation, she went on to become one of the first women serving aboard combatants as a Surface Warfare Officer.
Motivational Speaker, e-commerce entrepreneur and certified Life Coach.
Joanna spends her downtime enjoying the mountains with her family and can often be found climbing the cliffs of North Table Mountain, running or riding the trails, hiking to the top of 14ers and playing in the snow. What she treasures most are the adventures she shares with her family!

Jennifer White is a Clarity Coach and Mastermind Facilitator. She helps beginning and transitioning business owners get clear on what they want from their life and their business and then create and implement baby steps to get there.

My professional journey weaves through education, project management, and positive psychology. A curious life-long learner, I’ve been interested in understanding the relationship between high performance and human well-being. I am on a mission—to teach business leaders and project professionals the skills and knowledge to foster a thriving culture, happier individuals, and more successful project and business outcomes.

William Brown is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats as a Coach, Speaker, Author, Creative, and Retreat Leader. As “The Real You Finder,” he is passionate about guiding people on their journey towards discovering and embracing their authentic selves. Through his engaging conversations and dynamic presentations, William emphasizes the importance of living a life true to one’s values and beliefs. He uses his creativity and expertise to inspire and motivate people to be their best selves and live a fulfilling life.

Deborah Williams worked as a CPA and financial consultant with small to mid-sized businesses, non-profits and individuals for over 40 years. This includes a variety of things: Controller for a real estate developer, a partner in a restaurant, fundraising for charitable/school organizations and lots of business and individual tax work. In my later career, I became interested in the psychology of money and obtained certifications in both money and business archetype coaching. I raised two amazing humans and managed to get them to work with me on good financial habits (at least some of the time). I use a variety of tools to keep me centered with my own money work and career such as yoga, meditation, movement, nutrition and somatic healing.

Meet Robin, the mastermind behind an epic life transformation! Armed with a Business Entrepreneurship master’s degree since 2008, Robin’s journey hit the jackpot in 2015 when she cracked the code of the Law of Attraction. Fast forward, and her life is a happiness-infused masterpiece: from finding her perfect partner to starting a booming property management business (sold to a nationwide giant in just 4 years!), scoring dream wheels and dream home, and reaching income heights she once only fantasized about. Now, Robin’s cooking up her next manifestation magic—think event venue to hold retreats and classes, a tiny home village to use for short term rentals, and a self-sustainable homestead. In the meantime, she is happily enjoying her career in the real estate house flipping game!

Greg Kuhn is a Manifesting Coach, specializing in manifesting the big stuff! Successful health, fitness, wealth, family, marriage, career, and relationships are all examples of what Greg focuses on – your most important desires.

A professional educator, coach, writer, speaker, and podcaster, Greg has been teaching people how to change their beliefs and manifest the reality they truly desire since 2013. Using a method forged in the fires of personal and professional disaster, Greg teaches you how to change your reality and assume your role as the CEO of your life. Which all results in finally manifesting your most important desires!

Jennifer Jines an interactive experience coordinator on a mission to spread the power of kindness through teamwork, fun and play. Aka a Kindness Catalyst. I have created the Kindagious Quest, a scavenger hunt that helps people experience the physical and emotional benefits of kindness. I also did a stint as a Zoom Recess counselor once the pandemic hit. All of my work is in service of helping people display the kindness that our world needs to increase connection as it becomes more contentious and fractured. I’d love to explore how much fun we could have together spreading kindness. Come play with me!

Christine Callahan-Oke is a kid at heart. She’s a little quirky, loves nature, and has been spotted talking to trees. (Don’t worry, not often.) An author and a seeker, Christine values authenticity and is talented at seeing the beauty in others. Perhaps that comes from her coaching certification, but more likely, it’s because she looks for magic in the small moments of life and knows that people are far more amazing than they realize. Christine lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two sons, and attempts to balance the household’s testosterone with her adorable cat, Bella.

Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech loves to share her love of sound and movement in community. She’s recently added Neurosomatic Intelligence coach to her decades as a master Pilates instructor, drama teacher and musical theatre actor. Kristen thinks staying mentally and physically fit should be playful, fun and integrated into daily life with ease and joy!

Charis Denny is a Certified Clinical Herbalist who specializes in a holistic approach to mental health and ADHD management using herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, diet and lifestyle, appropriate supplementation, and somatic and mindfulness practices. With a background in traditional mental health counseling, Charis is dedicated to enhancing her clients quality of life by helping them integrate their thoughts, behaviors, and actions with natural, effective tools for wellness.

At age 36, Carol McIntyre gave up a secure corporate paycheck for an uncertain art career. Since then her award-winning paintings have earned her a signature membership in the Transparent Watercolor Society and an associate membership in the Oil Painters of America. Earlier in her career, McIntyre served as the president of the Minnesota Watercolor Society and juried several shows. As an ardent student of color, she was compelled to teach, speak, and blog about color. Along with these activities, her recent award-winning book “I Just Want to Paint: Mixing the Colors You Want!”, has impacted thousands of painters by unleashing their creative spirits. In August 2020, Carol was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. Since then, she has endured several surgeries both related and unrelated to her cancer.

I have been obsessed with food, my entire life. I was born and raised in Colorado to grow up in Boulder. Graduated with a degree of restaurant resort management at CSU, and then culinary arts from Johnson and Wales. I’ve lived and worked in colorado and Italy, owned a restaurant in Vail and have been cooking for over 25 years in restaurants and on TV. After Covid, I pivoted to become an urban farmer, and now teach people how to grow their own urban kitchen gardens, and how to cook from them.

Jani McCarty – I am a spiritual Being courageously enthusiastically illuminating beauty, joy, and love in the world. I am an intuitive, compassionate, empathetic Life coach who partners and empowers others to illuminate, liberate, and celebrate their lives- by being present, listening, and guiding in a structured process of self-discovery and transformation.

Hannah is a Therapeutic Coach, Trauma-awareness trainer and advocate for supporting others to find empowerment and healing following trauma. With a foundation of Art Psychotherapy, Aligned Coaching, and Brainspotting, Hannah guides others towards an embodied connection with themselves to enhance relationships and a belief in thriving following adversity. Her own journey of healing has informed the belief that we all have all we need inside us to find healing by embracing compassionate awareness, acceptance, action and community. She has co-authored a #1 Amazon bestselling book, “Step Aside and Rise”, shared stories of resilience through her podcast “Growth Beyond Trauma”, and was awarded Mighty Women in Wellbeing in 2023.

Roxanne DaLomba is passionate about human connection, holistic living and laughing. She is curious about the Spirit that runs through all living things and believes there is a healing and transformative power in being deeply seen. She is a Certified Practitioner of Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP), Certified Life Coach (APPC), and she is currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Creative and Expressive Arts (CAGS). She lives with her husband and two pups in Rhode Island.

Becca Korphage is a Whole-life Leadership coach and strategist who supports clients to live and lead in alignment with ALL of who they are, their soul-goals, and their VIPs (values, ideals and priorities). She’s been an independent consultant and coach for 15+ years, with 15 years professional experience before that. Her experience crosses the corporate, entrepreneurial, nonprofit and government environments in a broad range of industries. But it’s her personal journey of working and living out of alignment and the subsequent crash of her wellbeing, life and business – and rebuilding – that has led her to the focus of her work today.

Dimple Dhabalia is a writer, podcaster, and Founder of Roots in the Clouds. She’s also the bestselling author of Tell Me My Story—Challenging the Narrative of Service Before Self; and the newsletter dear humanitarian.

Our last day at camp, 10/1/24, will be the one-year anniversary of my business Corner House Treats! While I spent my career in music stores, non-profits and finance, I’ve always baked for friends and family; last year I decided to pursue my dream of operating a cottage (in-home) bakery.My husband Clint & I have 2 cats, Ozzie and Prism, and make our home in Omaha, Nebraska.

Robyn Ivy sees people for a living. Artist, coach, podcast host and trusted intuitive she’s a masterful guide for soulful growth.

Robyn helps you get powerfully unstuck and more deeply connected, as she teaches you how to ride the magic carpet of your life. Having spent over 20 years as a commercial photographer she offers a unique toolkit to shift your internal and external lenses to look at things differently.

Inner leadership comes from deep practices in mindfulness, creativity, shifting mindset and connecting deeply with nature. She mentors select clients 1:1, hosts the Robyn Ivy Podcast, offers private intuitive sessions, leads groups, circles and retreats. She has been hosting circles since 1998