Our Vision & Mission


“To carry the torch that was lit by Jonathan and Stephanie Fields at their Good Life Project camp, an atmosphere that was welcoming, fun and inspiring. All in all to Live well.”

The Good Life Project Camp (Camp GLP) lit a torch that is inspiring people around the world to live well. Jonathan and Stephanie Fields created an atmosphere that was warm, inviting and full of possibilities, allowing participants to explore their individual passions while connecting with others. Because of this , they have encouraged people to take charge of their lives and lead fulfilling lives by taking action on what matters most to them.


“To create a safe, open, fun, inclusive, and warm environment for people to dive into both self and business development learning. To prioritize people, community and fun.” 

Creating an environment that is safe, open, fun, inclusive and warm is essential for people to be able to learn and grow. We are dedicated to providing a space where people can explore their personal and professional development through learning. We strive to make this a place where everyone feels supported and respected, while also having fun. Our priority is always on people and community building through shared experiences.